Corporate Commercial Photographer In Houston, Texas.

Houston Photographer Sylvester Garza


With over twenty years of experience, Commercial Houston Business Photographer, Sylvester Garza offers dynamic technical expertise keeping with current trends and advances in the world of digital photography.  As a photographer in Houston he has had the opportunity to utilize his experience and creative problem solving skills in a vast number of Houston businesses and a variety of unique photography settings.

His services include Art Direction and the Tethered Photographic Technique, which give the advantage of an instant view of each image taken.  This gives the client an opportunity to discuss and critically review photos and images during the process of each photography session.  Through the critical and expert eye of Professional Photographer Sylvester Garza, special attention is given to body language, camera angle and elements within the scene, or for products, camera angle, & Intensities of highlights and shadows. These elements, including specific crop requirements are discussed with the Client/AD to ensure that each image meets the specific needs of the client

While based in the Houston area, Corporate Photographer Sylvester Garza has worked independently throughout the United States.  His easygoing style creates an atmosphere of comfort and a confidence in his photographic expertise, allowing the client to relax and rest assured that all their photography needs are in the right hands.

From an executive portrait session to an environmental portrait location shoot, to an industrial photography mission, to illustration of products & services, Houston Professional Photographer, Sylvester Garza has the people and time management skills as well as the lighting and photographic expertise to get the project done on time and on budget.  Experience includes end use applications such as annual reports, print collateral and websites.

Professional photographer Sylvester Garza has the creative vision to take your project in the direction of success.

Services include: 
 High quality Still images to support:  Environmental and Executive Portraiture, Illustration of Products & Services, Industrial Photography, Lifestyle photography, Conceptual Imagery, Architectural Photography & Jewelry and Food Photography

Other services:

• HD video services

• On-site Photography Training

• Individual Photography Coaching

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