La Santa Muerte

La Santa Muerte

Garza project – Researching  The “Santa Muerte’  culture in Houston.  Visited some shops on the east end of Houston and captured some interesting images.

Hanging with Chef Monica G

Location – Waldo’s Coffee on Heights Blvd. We are spending a very relaxing Sunday afternoon discussing potential domain names for Monica’s pending blog and it looks like it may be turning into a nice collaborative thang as Monica has offered to help me with my Faith Healer project regarding some translation. And we are going […]

DSLR Video

The digital imaging world is morphing rapidly, and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity, at the request of some of my clients and the Houston chapter of IABC to dive headfirst into the world of DSLR Videography. The convergence of stills and video continues – video capability in DSLRs represents nothing short of a […]

Google commercial photographer search

No one would argue that Google’s significant market share of  the “keyword search” world reaches  millions, if not billions of potential consumers as well as business to business clients.  This is my effort to inform and educate potential purchasers of custom commercial photography services, suggested ways to leverage Google in that effort,  as well as […]

Houston Photographer Business Networking: The most important tool, next to your business cards

By Sylvester Garza If you’re in business you’ve got to have business cards, right? Well the next thing you should explore is investing in a high-quality portrait or business headshot. Used judiciously, it can provide a professional yet personal feel to most any marketing material. These days the Internet and social networking allow incredible access […]

The Value of The RAW file format

One of the most significant  image output enhancement options is often ignored by amateur as well as many professional photographers, – the RAW file format. Shooting in RAW is perceived as  extra work, more data to store and unnecessary since we all know how to shoot good jpegs . . . right?   We don’t […]

As a Houston Photographer

When I first started this blog I thought I would post frequently.  Yet, here it is, months later, and this is just my second blog post and probably not a long one either.  As a very busy Houston photographer I spend much of my week away from my studio.  In spite of this, I strive […]