How the 3-foot rule can change your life

IABC’s Entrepreneur  Strategic Interest Group Luncheon is always a hoot, so I am always eagerly anticipating attending when schedule permits.

This meeting was no exception and I was glad to reconnect and visit with friends and colleagues and enjoy the fabulous La Griglia cuisine while waiting for the speaker to begin.

Maureen Sanders, development officer for San José Clinic was the speaker.  I had read the meeting blurb and looked her up on LinkedIn.  I knew she came from a 30-year background in banking. . . So I was expecting a PowerPoint corporate style presentation along with intricate charts & graphs. I was pleasantly surprised to see no projector or screen.

Phil Morabito, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Pierpont Communications introduced Maureen.  After a brief overview of her topic, Maureen facilitated a very interactive talk regarding the “3 foot rule” and how it applied to business development.  Included in the topics were networking, relationship building, identifying our respective passions and a Top 10, Letterman-style list of to do item’s to support redefining oneself and giving back to the community

This was another excellent meeting and although I am still enjoy & am very passionate about my commercial photography business, , I left thinking about reinventing myself.  I had some good thoughts on the way back to my World HQ . . Now I need to take the action steps.

Thank you Maureen:-)

Here is a link to the meeting posting with more Info about Maureen