The Art of Video Story Telling

I was able to tweak my schedule and attend the IABC chapter Luncheon last Thursday, June 25 which featured: “Lights, Camera, Action: The Art of Video Storytelling Luncheon and Workshop”, facilitated by award-winning documentary filmmaker Aron Ranen, of DVWorkshops in Los Angeles.

During the Luncheon, Aron passionately shared the big picture thought process of video story telling. He was very animated and scooted from the front of the room to the middle, to the back and engaged the whole room of about 65 attendees.  He took questions on the spot thereby setting up an interactive format.   I had my usual fabulous Vegetarian meal and sat next to Kath Thomas of .  I also was surprised to  see my amingo jeo heller

After the luncheon, we regrouped and about 35 communicators broke into teams based upon which table they were sting and listened as Aron further defined the technical aspects of video storytelling.  He spoke on recommended ancillary equipment, such as lighting, audio, and  software.  He also shared some tips on getting an audio feed from a hotel mixing board and much more. Regarding the storytelling part . ..He kept reminding us to “write to the byte”

Aron had brought several canon camcorders that we ended up using  as workshop teams to create videos wherein we implemented our newly learned skills.  He declined to recommend a video recording device as the video world is being shaken up by the introduction of 4K video offerings which produce higher quality output and could be much more cost effective than current high end devices.

We spent about 2.5 hours listening and then the rest of the time we were put to the test as teams, taking over the

Brenan’s building and outdoor area . . . shooting live interviews  and implementing the techniques Aron had shared. The teams attempted to implement   and emulate the storytelling thought process.The last few minutes were spent in gathered in  the main room upstairs where each team  took turns  connecting their respective cameras to Aron’s laptop.   The clips were projected onto the screen and we all got some insights as well as great laughs out of the review process .

All in all an enjoyable event . . thank you Tracy Torma for sponsoring!