Bye Bye 2016 & HELLO 2017 !!


I wanted to create a visual  to help convey the passing of the dreamed up a concept of a car driving forward into the future with a rear view mirror showing the soon to be grayed out  previous year.

ReviewMirror_Happy 2017_web_119_rights

A pictorial metaphor suggesting mindfulness of the past, and optimism for the future. The transitional element is the rear view mirror reflecting a stormy,, dusk, end of year look in the past while driving toward a sunny optimistic 2017. © 2016 Sylvester Garza – All Rights Reserved!

I enlisted the help of my friend Maria who has car that was reddish maroon with tan colored armrest.  My vehicle is dark blue with a black arm rest and would not have provided enough visual information to convey my message. We drive to the Sabine Street Bridge which has a good view of the downtown Houston skyline and took several images shooting thru the window glass with the focus point on the  review mirror. After reviewing all the images, I selected one to begin the post production editing process  Since it’s a concept image, I used some of the standard photoshop tools to morph the image into the vision I had in my mind.  .If you’d  like to know more about that check out the movie below.