Entrepreneur Strategic Interest Group Luncheon – “The Costly Marketing Myth”

It was billed as a provocative presentation –  Mattison Grey will uncover the “Marketing Myth” that is costing you business and make some important distinctions guaranteed to change the way you think about selling.

All righty then  . . . Being a solo practitioner, I essentially get to wear ALL the hats, so  this sounded like to something I needed to hear . . . again.    In my over 25 years or so, being a commercial phographer, I have belonged to Business Clubs for years, taken trainings and have had business coaches .   That’s how I learned the ropes,  so to speak regarding running a small business.

The ESIG group is composed of professional writers, PR/SM pros,   graphic designers,  video and  still production companies and the like . . .and we all sell services.  We’re all really good at providing our clients with  collateral used in marketing, internal/external communication, PR/Social media ,websites and the list goes on . .. and according to Mattison  all the cool, creative stuff we provide . ..   has absolutely  noting to do with the sales process.

Marketing and sales are both aimed at increasing revenue. They are so closely intertwined that people often don’t realize the difference between the two. Indeed, in small organizations, the same people typically perform both sales and marketing tasks.

One might say  that Sales is the strategy of meeting needs in a one on one individual method, driven by human interaction. It’s simply the ability to meet a need at the right time.

Our presenter Mattison Grey  has been a professional Business coach  for many years and who specializes in supporting peeps like us in  the art of selling.


According to Mattison . . . people generally do not make decisions when they are confused. So . . . one of our main jobs in the sales process is to have a value based conversation . . . by asking question’s and listening to the client’s needs and expectations.   Once we have a crystal clear idea of what the client is really asking for and their expectation in the form of project fulfillment, only then, should we express what we bring to table to support getting their project completed . . . and eliminating their “PAIN”. Ms Grey advised to discuss money up front and follow up with the paperwork.

The mantra for her talk was : create clarity,  create value, and ask for the business.  She recommends telephone communication to help build the relationship, establish credibility and to  close the deal. She is NOT a proponent of using e-mail in the sales process.  Mattison advises to use email at the end of the sales process only to transfer the oral agreement to a  written agreement with a request for a  deposit or upfront fee.

The topic was very well received and Ms Grey took questions during  and after her presentation.  She  has a free flowing conversational style of presenting and was every good at fielding some  “provocative’ question from moi”.  She seized the opportunity and turned them into  a segue to  create some lighthearted levity wherein everyone had some  good laughs .   All in all, a very enjoyable presentation with some great content – thank you Mattison – you Rock!!

4/9/2015 – La Griglia