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Brand Extract’s Jonathan Fisher – Lessons on building a subcontractor partnership with an agency

Most of my work is client direct and NOT through agencies . . I made that executive decision many years ago as a business strategy. as back then, my experience with agencies was that they wanted me to work for cheap and then expect me to wait 90-180 days for payment.

Part of the meeting blurb said: “While Jonathan brings the perspective of his experience as the leader of one of Houston’s largest branding agencies, many of his tips apply equally well to building your portfolio of corporate clients. ” 

Other blurb bullets were:

  • how to understand the mindset and decision criteria of an organization that is outsourcing
  • how to gain recognition with a potential client
  • how to increase the amount of work from a client once you are in the door

So .. even though Bronze Quill was that same evening and I had volunteered to take the photos at that event . . I decided to make it an IABC Day and drove on down to La Griglia. I’m glad i did .. the food is always superb and it’s always  nice to connect with my IABC pals. Jonathan Fisher’s talk was very good .. covering some very basic guidelines and recommendations supporting marketing & customer service.   One of his key messages was to   learn to ask the right questions .. of the right person . . aka, the decision maker.

He opened by saying that his power point consisted of exactly four slides. He had an intro slide, a couple fo middle slides that stayed on for all of his presentation and an outro slide. I appreciated that he was communicating in an interactive way and not just repeating what was on his slide . . and he was almost evangelical in his passion for his interpretation of the marketing/sales process – – Kudos Jonathan !!

He was eloquent and passionate as he shared his thoughts on establishing the client’s needs versus the wants .

Another clever idea is his selling in packets strategy.   So . . instead of trying to bill 400K in one lump sum (A difficult dollar amount for any corporation to swallow) his strategy is to sell in smaller chucks – part A, B & part C . ..which totals the 400K., albeit over a longer time frame, but revenue nonetheless.

Regarding specifically marketing to agencies . .. he skipped over several of the listed strategies and got to his favorite …the food drop. Jonathan shared a cute story of how he used food as a lure to court a potential client. He suggested that we as vendors might explore dropping by his or other agencies with food for the hungry agency creative’s . . as a strategy for them to get to know us and maybe even remember us.  LOL .. too funny!! I’m not gonna do that .. Are you?