Excursion to Gramen Farms – Hockley, TX

June 20, 2014

I’m been wanting to drive out to  Gramen Farms in Hockley TX and decided that today was the day.   I was driving back into Houston from The Woodlands and decided to do a slight detour of I-45, and take 2920 to navigate to Gramen Farms.When I got there  and walked into the Gramen Farms Dairy Store, I introduced myself to Farmer Grant,  the Proprietor and proceeded  to check out their offerings  . . . especially the Raw unpasteurized jersey milk.

There is a big “debate” about the potential health benefits versus the health risks regarding unpasteurized milk,  esp. in the world of the FDA and other agencies that tend to “demonize” Raw milk as potentially unhealthy, however I am of the opposite opinion and feel that it is a safe healthy way to add nutrition to my diet .

So . . .  that said, I purchased a dozen farm fresh eggs, from happy gluten free, chemical free chickens,  a gallon  of Raw unpasteurized jersey milk and some baby Swiss cheese made from raw unpasteurized Jersey milk.Farmer Grant declined to be photographed however I enjoyed taking some pictures of the store, and the animals in the pasture.

Gramen Farms is a great resource  for delicious, nutritious locally produced  daily products. The Milk I purchased was “squeezed out that morning. It tastes fabulous and the Swiss cheese absolutely ROCKS!The egg yolks are almost orange . . not the bland desaturated “yellow” from store bought eggs.

Go check it out  . . you may enjoy the adventure just as I did 🙂