Hanging with Chef Monica G


Monica Gutierrez & Sylvester Garza

Location – Waldo’s Coffee on Heights Blvd.
We are spending a very relaxing Sunday afternoon discussing potential domain names for Monica’s pending blog and it looks like it may be turning into a nice collaborative thang as Monica has offered to help me with my Faith Healer project regarding some translation. And we are going to do some research on Belly Dancing and sample some of the food at Saffron Moroccan Cuisine on Lexington Street.   Too much fun!


Handmade Granola by Chef Monica G - © Monica Gutierrez -All rights reserved

We also reviewed Some of Monica’s food shots . .  check out the kewl shot of the granola above. Monica is a natural photographer and has very good compositional abilities . . or as we say in the biz “a good eye”

Speaking of “good eyes’ here is pic of the fabulous Chef Monica G.