Silver Fox Advisor Luncheon – “Houston Airports: Moving to the Future”

This is the second month in row that I’ve attended the Silver Fox Luncheon in Lieu of the IABC Houston Chapter Luncheon at Brennans of Houston. The topic over there was something about Making a “ConneXion” with Millennials. My business really has nothing to with targeting them and I’ve got a 22-year-old Millennial son living me with and as result I feel like I’m a Millennial by osmosis. So, the topic at The Silver Fox Luncheon had a lot more appeal to me.

I’m fortunate to have several Silver Fox pals and as I walked in, Author and Futurist Hank More & Texas PR Mogul Phil Morabito warmly greeted me. We shook hands and exchanged greetings and then I got in the long buffet style luncheon line. . As all I had for breakfast was coffee and fruit & I needed food.

Got to say hello to several other Silver Foxes, including Margarita Farmer, Monte Pendleton, Butch Madrazzo and Ralph D’Onofrio I also got to visit with Silver Fox President, James Griffing and Chairman Mary Kole

The speaker was David Herbert- Director of Communications, Houston Airport System and he presented an in-depth overview of the work that is being done by his team and the city of Houston to transform and update the facilities & capacities of our Houston airports.

David talked about the plan for the demolition of the more than 20-year-old Terminal D Building at IAH, and the construction of a modern, state-of-the-art facility that reflects Bush Intercontinental Airport’s standing as a premiere global gateway and a vital economic engine for the Houston region’s strong economy.

Regarding Hobby Airport, Mr. Hebert shared with us the sweet deal the city got, as Southwest Airlines is fully funding the new, five-gate international terminal at an estimated cost of $156 million that includes a west concourse that will house five gates designed for international operations capable of handling narrow-body transport category aircraft and the development of a Federal Inspection Services (FIS) facility Hobby airport

The Plans for Ellington field were very futuristic as David discussed the potential of a spaceport. He mentioned Virgin Galactic. Ellington Field could one day support space tourism and even suborbital commercial flights that would cut international travel time by more than half. According to David They would fly at hypersonic Mach 5 or beyond, That would make a flight or provide a flight from Houston to Singapore in less than four hours. That’s value.” The facility could also provide entrepreneurial opportunities for more astronaut training, zero gravity research, and a launch/recovery site for reusable launch vehicles.

All in all . . . David provided some great information presented in a personable, passionate articulate style . .very Nice!. Thank you David and thank you Silver Fox Advisors, for providing a warm welcoming environment, great food, excellent fellowship, and some great networking.