Time keeps on slipping …. into the future

I happened to hear the Steve Miller song:  time keeps on slipping into the future” and decided to try and turn that thought into a visual. So, I looked thru some of sky images. and decided on this one:Time-Flys-1_HeavenlyLight

I  went shopping for a curved office wall clock & photographed it without any highlights, at an angle: wall_clock-2


I then embellished the image with a blue Hue”wall clock _ blue _Hue-3

Then added an edge graduated moon shaped highlight in the middlewall clock-moon-highlight-4


I created a motion blur of the blue hued clock image and added that to the composite . . . and  I ended up with this image:base-clock-blur-6



I wanted something more dramatic so I morphed the sky background, adding a tree layer on the bottom . . made it a saturated green color  . . . added some cirrus cumulous clouds from a different sky image  to the center and created a graduation layer  to make the sky a dark tungsten blue.tempestuous-sky-clock-7


It still needed something.  I looked at it . . . let it simmer for a while, so to speak . . . .I then I added a moon image, that I shot back in 2007 . . .inserted it into what has become the final image.




The question is … do you think this image visually conveys the phrase “time keeps on slipping, slipping … into the future”?

I’d love to know your thoughts . . .post a response please!

It is always a good experience, when I make the time ( pun intended)  to play with images .. . so I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Truth be told, it was not labor .. it was fun.Who Huu!!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy Twenty Sxteen