Touch Their Hearts: Storytelling in Words and Pictures

The meeting blurb said:

“Whether we call it engagement, persuasion or influence, communication that changes minds must first connect to the emotions. Storytelling is the key to making this transformative connection. Alice Brink, ABC, will present new ways to think about storytelling in corporate communications, and tools to make you a better storyteller.”

Sounded interesting.,  the weather was fabulous . . . sunny, cool and atypically non humid as I made my way past all the construction on South Shepherd, to  La Griglia for the luncheon.   I was pleasantly surprised to see many of my colleagues and amigos, including Carole Minor, Ben Wealthy, Phil Morabito, Holly Karr  and many others.

Since Alice is the Grand Puba for the ESIG Group  . . .she ran the meeting, made the announcements and then . . . introduced herself.

Alice got to the point right away and had lots’o power point slides and a video to support her message:  that finding ways to connect emotionally with the intended audience is key.   As communicators she encouraged us to be mindful of the power of the emotional connection as we conduct interviews, gather & disseminate information and write speeches for our clients.

When the meeting was adjourned, many of the attendees stayed after,  and enjoyed some quality networking and companionship. I go to meet some new peeps, including the former on camera spokesperson for Fiesta Grocery stores, Roberta DeFrancesco.   I also met Teresa Beasley a professor of Communications at Panola College In Carthage Tx, and got to reconnect with a former client, Debbie Haskins who now a consultant for Resources Global.

I had scheduled a post luncheon meeting with Holly Karr, who I retained to help me,  by writing copy for a new website targeting  onsite photography training. She commented that I was being social butterfly and, of course, I agreed and plead, guilty, as charged.

Holly and I took our meeting outdoors and enjoyed the La Griglia Patio area and the fresh air and sunshine and got a lot work done . . .While Holly was taking notes and asking questions, I took out my handy Sony Nex7 and took some images.  There were several that I chose and created a short movie – check it out here: