Urban Animals Reunion Party ⎮ Numbers NightClub⎮ 6/14/2014

My good Friend Kathy Farman . .. a.k.a. “Kat Fur” hired me to take some photos at the Urban Animal Reunion last night at Numbers Nightclub . . . the quintessential  infamous Montrose area night spot.

I’ll post more later, however i wanted to share  two versions of the best group shots from last night.  I had set up lighting and Kathy had coordinated with the  organizers, the DJ and the management to have the photo taken at (:15 PM. it was till like herding cats . . . but we got it done:-Here are the two best versions:


Houston TX-Urban animals reunion – June 14, 20014 Houston tx

 Urban Animals Reunion -Houston TX- 2014

Houston TX – Urban Animals Reunion – 2014